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Bud-Cutting Shears : Patented model n 0100783. Sturdy, precise and reliable. Easy to use. Leather pouch. Removable parts.

Interchangeable blade : Stainless steel X55CrMo14. Sharp, precise cut. Capacity > 1500 grafts.

Grafting knife : Top quality Thiers craftsmanship. Chrome plated steel. Wide olive-wood handle. Straight blade. Already sharpened. Spatula. Heavy duty.

Graft binding tape : White vinyl. Flexible and stretchable. Length: 96 metres per roll (i.e. 300 grafts on vines 1.5 cm in diameter; 160 for 3 cm; 100 for 6 cm; or 60 for 10 cm).

Sharpening stone : Genuine mountain stone from the Pyrenees. Fine grain. Size: 100 x 50 x 12 millimetres. Adapted to size of knife. Suitable for hand use. Two useable faces. Excellent service life.

Practical Guide to Grafting Vines by the T-bud and Chip-bud Methods : Handbook of the knowledge gathered over + 25 years practice. Fully illustrated. Learn how to do your own bud grafting.

Mini-Guide : Shortened version of complete practical guide - black and white.

All articles are sold separately.

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Top grafting accessible to novices
 Top grafting accessible to novices
The Bud-Cutting Shears, specially designed for top grafting
 The Bud-Cutting Shears, specially designed for top grafting