Our teams of professional grafters operate all over the world in vineyard grafting using the T-bud and Chip-bud methods.

    Our experience of more than 25 years in most of the wine producing countries has enabled us to widen and enrich our knowledge of soils, climates, terroirs, grape varieties, rootstocks, and of professionals of the Vine and Wine sector as well. These voyages and meetings are an invaluable asset for improving our performance and expertise.
    Being a good practitioner is not sufficient to make a skilled professional grafter, able to guarantee an acceptable success rate. The interactions of plant, soil, climate and man can have a variable incidence both on the take and the development of the grafts. Experience is gained each time a new project is undertaken.

    With our teams of professional grafters we guarantee a 90% success rate, often exceeded in practice, as well as technical follow-up throughout the growing season in the year of the grafting programme.

    Chargeable to the grower:
    • preparation of the plants to be grafted;
    • provision of bud-sticks (scion wood) to be collected and stored in suitable conditions;
    • care and maintenance tasks (of the grafts).

    Pricing will be variable according to distance of country and number of stocks involved, to which should be added accommodation and half board for the grafting team. Grafting tools and binding tapes will be supplied by us. We reserve the right to choose the grafting techniques and dates of intervention.

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