Top Grafting

Useful Information

Official procedures

In France, top-grafting is subject to specific regulations similar to those for replanting vines. Depending on the country, there may also be regulations defining the conditions for restructuring vineyards by top-grafting, in addition to any relevant subsidy programme. We would advise you to contact the local administrative offices concerned as early as possible, to find out whether you need an authorization or are eligible for a subsidy.

Preparatory Work
  • Collecting and storing the bud-sticks in a cold room
  • Winter pruning
  • Planning of watering
  • Debarking the vine trunks
  • Weed control

Care and maintenance of top-grafted vines:
  • Removal of old foliage (decapitation)
  • Conservation of a terminal stem (terminal rod)
  • Weekly desuckering of the stocks
  • Care of the grafts
  • Watering
  • Staking - Trellising - Tying-up
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