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Offering consultancy and services in viticulture, Worldwide Vineyards celebrates more than 25 years international experience in top grafting (field grafting) of grape vines in Europe and throughout the world. Renowned expert in the T-bud and Chip-bud techniques in Europe, and possessing a thorough knowledge of international viticulture, the company is quick to react on every continent.

To date we have carried out several millions of top grafts in almost all wine producing countries and our clients include many of the most prestigious estates and properties in the sector. For some years, the company has also been marketing Grafting tools and Kits so that amateur grafters can learn these techniques.

There is a conversion solution for every vineyard that will avoid having to endure to the bitter end a grape variety or a clone unsuited to a soil or that no longer meets a varietal demand. It is simple and easy to implement renovation of a vineyard or top graft an aging vine.

Because we consider that the world evolves around its plant, mineral and animal forms, we try to adapt to change, but also to anticipate it.

The company research was rewarded with a Palme d'Or at the SITEVI 1988 Trade show, and a citation at the SITEVI 2001 Trade show.

Today our efforts are focused on:

  1. teaching these grafting and top grafting techniques ;
  2. research, in particular with regard to the quality of graft bonding and therefore into any factors which might weaken the vines or lead to their premature decline ;
  3. mechanizing the grafting processes.
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Chip-bud grafting
 Chip-bud grafting
T-bud grafting
 T-bud grafting