About us

Our People

"Worldwide Vineyards: a multicultural, reactive team."

It consists first and foremost of people with different origins and cultures, of characters which are mutually enriching, of experiences shared around the world.
The human dimension is the essence of Worldwide Vineyards, it is the working relationships based on friendships and solidarity, but always guided by the same passion of the wine world.
We take these values into the field with us, and share them with the growers.

Our Team

Marc Birebent Marc Birebent
Managing Director
Caroline Birebent Caroline Birebent
Executive Assistant
Stefano Lendaro Stefano Lendaro
Technical Manager, Italy
Carole Aumaître-Saiani Carole Aumaître-Saiani
General Assistant
Guy Brichet Guy Brichet
Technical Sales Engineer
Joséphine Bruno Joséphine Bruno
Sales Assistant
Alfons Klippel-Stahmann Alfons Klippel-Stahmann
Representative in Germany
Pierre Birebent Pierre Birebent
Representative in the United States

Our Technical Staff

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The grapevine grafters are playing football
 The grapevine grafters are playing football
A cut above
 A cut above